We provide the best in networking. Whether it is Microsoft Windows or Novell Netware, we have Certified professionals on staff to give you the best that can be offered, but with a personal touch. We provide full range of networking services, including the infrastructure planning,  implementation and administration. Our customers cover a wide range of infrastructure sizes. We service the small to medium size networks.

We do not try to entice you into buying a computer with the extras such as printers, software, hardware upgrades, etc... Instead, we focus on your needs and how to accommodate those needs using top quality equipment. Our systems are custom built, meaning, we specify the parts to be used. By doing so, we can give you a system that will have an industry standard component that can be purchased at any computer parts provider. We also give you a longer warranty period than many system builders. Bottom line, you will have a business class system, not a consumer class.

While in today's economic times, we don't entice customers to only purchase from us.  Many computers and laptops can be purchased from local stores and online shopping.  Allow us to assist in finding the best deal that fits your budget.  We search our vendors as well as Walmart, CompUSA, Best Buy and many more online sources to get you the best bang for your buck.  We also prep the computer including adding antivirus, installing updates and software if required so all you have to do is plug it in.  Allow us to spend our time to make your needs happen.