The Cyber Shop has an open store front for our customers to be able to purchase general computer components and hardware.

We stock the following and much more:

Network Cards : Switches : Routers : Wireless Routers : Network Cables 6inches to 50 feet and custom build too!

Power Supplies : Modems : Video and Sound Cards : Fans : Computer Upgrades!

Assorted Cables including Video extenders : Printer Cables : Computer to LCD Flat Panel : HDMI and many more!

Mice : Keyboards : Wireless and Wired PS2 and USB : Mouse Pads : All kinds of Colors and shapes!

Laptop accessories : Cases : Cooling Pads : IGO Chargers : USB network Cards : And we Work on them too!

Specialty Items : Toys : Tools : Gadgets and Gizmos as well!

Visit us to see it all.  If we don't have it, We'll Get It!!!